My Singing Monsters hack – Review

I want to show you my newest review for the My Singing Monsters Hack. I was a little bit frustrated that I could not find any working hack… Everything showed me a survey…
If you don’t want to spend money on Diamonds, Coins, Treats and Shards, then you might find this review helpful.


Why I have performed this test?
I have done this review, because I was a little bit frustrated when you must fill a survey and then it does not work. 😦
Also a lot of sites shows you a modified comments and/or want to download a milicous software to your computer.
I will be uncovering this in our today’s review. So lets continue reading to know more!

Note: every website of these tested sites had a survey. But I can understand, when you have a service like this to give people a game valuables without spending a dime.

The criteria of choosing the tools:

It should be on the first spots on google or should be shared on social media (FB,VK,Twitter).
It should be a “online generator” so will not get infected your PC.

Let the testing begin…

1. For the first 2 tested sites I have simply writed “My Singing Monsters Hack” in Googles search bar.
For the most objectivity, I have used an anonymous proxy and I have delted all of my Cookies to make sure that It wont be manipulated by Big G aka Google’s regional ranking.
I have used Google Chrome for searching.
2. The third tested subject I found shared on one Facebook Group and it seemed that it is popular.
First 2 search results:
First 2 results


First tested subject:
Ranking on #1 on Google.
When you first visit site, it looks like this.

It has a video playing in the event when you scroll straight down. It is letting you know, that how you need to use this web site and how to “Hack”.
They are showing a survey in this video, so atleast they cannot obscure that. In truth, the playback quality had been fairly frustrating and boring.
They have a lot of words on the webpage with standard junk, which in turn appears extremely frustrating to read. It is there simply to the intention of ranking.
Atleast it’s good designed and there are few societal expressing links, so it looks like it’s visited by real people.
To proceed to phase 2, you need to go through the button “Hack Now” which is on the left side of your screen, or you have to scroll straight down. It looks like it is developed perfectly, and it looks user-friendly.

The second step:

2nd step
I have selected 50k of Diamonds, 50k of Coins, 50k Treats, 50k Shards.
On the page there is some review and recent Comments. It looks like legit to me.
I am pretty excited and I am looking forward. 🙂
I click on the button “Run Hack”.

After few seconds:

After that it shows me some surveys, I attempt to fill them and it was successfull, but then it does nothing..
I waited for 3 hours and the tool did not me the content that it should do…

So clearly this tool does not work!!!

2nd tested subject:
Ranking on #2 on Google.

This site doesn’t looks like legit site to me… There are some fake Facebook comments which are only an images.
There is some button that leads you to online generator.
There is some text and a lot of “secured” images which are clearly fake and they should make you feeling that it is safe. But don’t judge if you don’t try, that is my own motto. So let we try it.
I am little bit afraid to click on that ‘Generator Online’ button, but I am doing it for you, so you will do not need to bother, so I am firing up my Antivirus… 🙂 Let’s see.
This is how it looks when I clicked on the ‘Generate Online’ button:

It looks almost the same like the first tested subject! But with other Colors 😀
But wait, I’m gonna try this!
This time, I will click on ‘Generate’ button. Let the My Singing Monsters Hack do the work… please… (fingers crossed! 🙂 ) !
I have again added 50.000 value to every text box.
Let fire up the Generate Button.

Again, you need to fill the survey…
So again I have filled it myself.
I am waiting 2 hours if anything will come-up to my account, but wait for it!
🙂 🙂 🙂

So the 2nd tested subject clearly doesn’t work again.
Third tested subject:
Found on Facebook private Group.

When you first visit site, it looks like this:

I’ll try to get again 30.000 of Coins, Diamonds and Shards.
I am adding my username. The page looks good. It looks good designed. There is also a console.. It is very good user-friendly and you can use it easily on your mobile phone device.
I’m clicking on the Start Button.
The console starts doing some things, it looks pretty neat.

After it is done, it shows me that I need to verify if I am a human.
It shows me some offers, but these are easy to fill instead of the others which I have tested.. 🙂 And It looks like it is finished.
It downloads some pdf. In that pdf, there are written some tips for the game. It is handy and useful for noobish players as me!
I am excited and I’m gonna open my singing monsters account. Holy f**k! It is there. The all values are in my game! This is the first tool that have worked and It was not found on the google search, I have found it on Facebook Group about game cheats.
I have decided to not take a picture, because I do not want to get in some troubles! 🙂
This tool is the winner!!!

This review is only for educational purposes. Use any of the above listed tools only at your own risk!

I will be happy if you leave me some feedback in the comments!